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 nur ton

nur ton peace

nur ton is a viennese nightlife enthusiast, DJ and music producer. With over 20 years of experience as a musician and sounds influenced by all genres, he provides us with soundtracks for a journey through space and time. With a touch of 80s flair, his love for synthesizers and pianos can be felt in his experimental techno, house and ambient works. The result can make you move or sink into a cinematic mood. Initially focussing primarily on live acts, in the early 2000s nur ton began to produce popular tracks for local DJs. These first publications were released under the name tunek and found their way into the alternative radio scene in vienna, station FM4.

Over time he has become more passionate about playing the piano, and this is reflected in his works, which sometimes have the characteristics of film scores



as tunek:

2005 - honest to goodness - FM4 soundpark compilation: monomania

2005 - titan sunset - beatznbytez compilation

2005 - honest to goodness - temp~ festival compilation

2007 - break deal - temp~ festival compilation

as nur ton:

2013 - Bauchklang - Ray, Nur Ton RMX - Bauchklang Records - LP

2019 - Don't Lie Yourself - Recordjet - Single

2019 - We Are On The Way To You - Recordjet - Single

2020 - Travel To The Stars - Recordjet - Single

2023 - Dark Resonance - Bandcamp - Single

2023 - Melan - Recordjet - Single

2023 - Just Feeling The Feel - Record Jet - Single

2024 - I Would - Morphogenese - Single

2024 - Lament of Echoes - Morphogenese - Single


 new releases in progress

deep house, dub, techno, ambiente, electronic

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