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40 Years of Club Music - A Short Journey Through the History of Club Music - DJ Mix

40 years in one hour, a short journey through the history of club music. A selection of tracks that have inspired me and, in my opinion, shaped the whole club culture.


Tracklist with a few words about the selection:

White Horse - Laid Back 1983 (US edit)

From Denmark, released on the B-side of their single "Sunshine Reggae" which was a hit in Europe. But not in the US, the A-side has no success here, but the B-side made it in the clubs. Europeans discovered this great track much later, which was way ahead of its time. I'm sure that "White Horse '' influenced how music developed in the club's. Until now is this track a highlight on many parties if it’s played at the right time.


Blue Monday - New Order 1983

Uncharacteristically New Order but very typical for that time, became the anthem of the 80's and a worldwide hit. It was the beginning of alternative UK dance culture, which has conquered the mainstream. Also "Blue Monday" influence artists until now and the club music.


Pump Up the Jam - Technotronic 1989

From Brussels, was a worldwide hit, it has been described as a fusion of hip hop and deep house. Oh Man, I loved this track as a teenager. This track was also a beginning of a new area in the dance floor and mainstream techno scene, but I'm sure, it has influenced a lot of artists who produced underground music.


Take me baby - Jimi Tenor 1994
A finnish musician, became his first hit with it. It was also very untypical for him, Jimi Tenor is known for Jazz, but he made a techno classic track that fills every empty dance floor until now.


Born Slippy - Underworld 1995

Trainspotting Soundtrack 1996. It was a very special track, fast, dry but also melodic, an anthem for a generation. Because of the film "Trainspotting" it has also reached people who didn't know techno, which gave techno many new fans. There are so many versions produced of this track until now. I took to this mix the version from Andrew Meller "Born Slippy - Reincarnation Mix" from 2018, is my favourite version.


From Disco to Disco - Whirlpool Productions 1996

This German production was something special, a lot of people that never heard electronic music before, knew and loved this track. "From Disco to Disco" expanded the electronic music community well beyond its current limits. This track puts everyone in a good mood and makes them laugh.


Revolution 909 - Daft Punk 1997

I think everyone knows Daft Punk, her debut album revived house music. It reached mainstream and a lot of producers want to do similar music as Daft Punk did. Revolution 909 is just my selection, the whole album is a masterpiece and had a big influence on the whole club culture.


So Flute - St Germain 2000

St Germain brought with the album "Tourist" Jazz finally into the clubs. That motivated a lot of artists to go the same way. The album's musical style features a combination of nu jazz and acid jazz, what AllMusic described as "a synthesis of electronics with jazz soloing"


Suddenly - Herbert 2001

The album Bodily Functions is no. 173 of the top 200 albums of the 2000s according to Pitchfork. With the voice of Dani Siciliano, pianos from Phil Parnell and experimental sampling from Mathew Herbert arose a new masterpiece. Herbert used always sampling from the environment and created his own distinctive sound that inspired a lot of artists.


Nightwalker - Trentemøller 2006

The whole album "The Last Resort" brought dub techno into the clubs. Trentemøller mixed dub techno with other genres. The result was a new kind of soundscapes on the dancefloor, which addicted many techno fans and artists. He was called as a Techno Hero.


Azure - Paul Kalkbrenner 2008

Is a track from album "Berlin Calling" and soundtrack for the German movie with the same title. The entire work influenced the club culture. Anyone who has never understood the fascination of techno, perhaps saw techno music and the party culture with other perspectives after this great movie. If you don’t know it and you love techno, you must see it.


Muyè - Keinemusik 2017

It was not so easy to find artists in the present day that have as big an impact on club music as all other artists in this mix. But Keinemusik from Berlin does it, with her debut album "You Are Safe". The trio Adam Port, Rampa, &ME brought some fresh character into the clubs. It’s a mix of monoton synthesizer sequences, great build up, which often harmonize with piano escapes and afro influences. They are playing currently in the hippest clubs in the world and spread their vibe.

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