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19.02.2024 new releases! Just unleashed the first releases on Mophogenesis, my baby label I kicked off a few weeks back. Expect loads of Deep House and Techno vibes down the road. 

17.11.2023 new release! 
Introducing new deep and melodic house release! It's called "Just Feeling The Feel" and I really tried to get creative with the vocal effects. I mixed and mashed them up in different ways to give the vocals a real intense vibe. Crazy thing is, as I was editing and chopping up the vocals, all these unexpected words started popping out, which inspired the title of the track. This song's got some major energy and it's DJ-friendly. 

06.11.2023 new release! 
The most recent offering from nur ton is a melancholic deep house composition, which, at its heart, is a story told in a most beguiling manner. A lyrical dance through time and emotion, it seamlessly blends the ethereal echoes of dub techno with the soul-stirring melodies of piano keys. Classical deep house rhythms lay the foundation upon which this musical tale unfolds. A journey that weaves a tapestry of thought and feeling, it invites introspection while simultaneously enveloping the dance floors with a profound and immersive atmosphere. Nur Ton's latest creation is now available for discovery on platforms such as Beatport, Spotify, YouTube, and many more, awaiting those who seek the poetic depths of sound.

16.10.2023 new release on Band Camp!
nur ton just created a profile on Bandcamp. In addition to the Deep House releases, which will be released in all stores, Deep and Dub Techno tracks will be released on Bandcamp.
Here first Bandcamp release "Dark Resonance" 


15.10.2023 new release coming soon!
The new single “Melan” has been submitted to Recordjet for release and will soon be available on all known music platforms

melan logo2.jpg
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